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České Budějovice (CineStar)


19:00   Still Alice (fully booked)                


10:00   City 44 (fully booked by school)                                    

17:30  No One's Child

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The 22nd Febiofest ended March 27th, and now viewers across the country can see selected films from the main program in fourteen Czech cities (Brno, Czech Budejovice, Decin, Hradec Králové, Jihlava, Karlovy Vary, Karvina, Liberec, Mikulov, Mladá Boleslav Olomouc, Pardubice, Plzen and Zlin). The Regional Echoes of Febiofest will begin with A Little Chaos, starring Kate Winslet and Still Alice, starring Julianne Moore. Echoes of Febiofest will finish in Zlin on April 17th

Tickets for the Regional Echoes of Febiofest are on sale at the box offices in particular regional cinemas and may be available online on their websites. Tickets for screenings which take place in any CineStar cinema are also available on our website at www.febiofest.cz/en/regions/program.

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The winner of the International Film Festival Prague - Febiofest drama is Life in a Fishbowl, which won twelve nominations, including Best Film, for the annual prizes of the Icelandic Film Academy The director of the winning film, Baldvin Zophoníasson, has arrived from his native Iceland to attend Febiofest’s Closing Ceremony. Life in a Fishbowl presents a naturalistic and unbiased view of life in Reykjavik before the pain of the economic crisis where the heroine, a mother and kindergarten teacher, must moonlight as a prostitute. The dramatic story of surprising clarity and truth impressed the Febiofest jury headed by Vlasta Chramostová, and the especially powerful story that touches the viewer internally, as well as the subtle script and excellent performances

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Regional Echoes of Febiofest - screening changes: 

RED ARMYAll screenings are now English Unfriendly

All Wolf Totem screenings are cancelled.

In Hradec Kralove and Pardubice

it will be replaced by A Little Chaos.

In all other cities it will be replaced

by Still Alice.

Regional Echoes of Febiofest in Mikulov: 

Dodgeball and Snake Brothers are cancelled and replaced by

April 10 - 19:00 Storyteller (Opening Night - by invitation only)

April 11 - 19:00 Photographer

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Don’t miss the exhibition of sculptures “Noha”, “Irony”, “Cross Check”, “Archimedon” and “Metamorfloris” by sculptor Lukas Rais on the plaza in front of CineStar Prague – Andel. Lukáš Reis focuses on the transformation of existing, standardized objects into new forms and meanings so that it's not difficult for a regular viewer to define, describe, and experience the object and eventually realize that nothing is what it seems on the first sight. His favourite materials are definitely metal pipes and their industrial products, which are deformed so that they deny their original purpose and essence. The sculptor cuts, bends, welds, turns inside out, dissects and recombines the seemingly invincible metal in unusual contexts.

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Tickets for the new, prestigious section of Febiofest Culinary Cinema are still on sale online at http://www.ticketportal.cz/nevent.aspx?id=105 or at the Febiofest Information Desk. During three film evenings from March 24th to 26th, chefs from three top Prague restaurants – Jan Kratochvil from Divinis, Marek Hora from Yamato, and Michal Psenicka from Cafe Imperial – will cook for the audience under the direction of chef Zdenek Pohlreich. The program in the restaurant set up in Barrandov will include a screening and a several-course dinner prepared and served on the spot. Menu Febiofest Italy 2015 is accompanied by the screening of I Am Love, Final Recipe inspires the chefs for Menu Febiofest Asia 2015, and Menu Febiofest Foodies 2015 will be served after watching the documentary,Foodies, set in the environment of the best Michelin restaurants. 

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